New Changes for Pet Vaccinations

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Danielle and Matt Walker say their pooch brings them joy everyday. One thing they dread though is taking him to the vet.

"As you can see, Perry is a little nervous in front of shots and with the doctor."

There’s good news for Perry. Florida lawmakers have passed a new law. Instead of the annual rabies shot, veterinarians will only need to update the vaccination every three years.

"It's cheaper for us too because I know it costs a little bit of money, so it’s better that we get it every three years versus every year," said Walker.

"But aside from it cutting down on costs, it also saves the pet from the traumatic experience of getting so many vaccines."

"Just taking them to the vet hospital, getting them in the car and to see the vet and some animals aren't nice, they bite, so it's traumatizing for the animals," said Tallahassee Animal Control Supervisor Vickey Steier.

Veterinarian Sondra Brown says it's better for the overall health of the animal.

"There are some problems like auto immune diseases. In cats there are some tissue reactions that can lead to cancers and the fewer vaccines we have to administer these animals the better," said brown.

It’s a “doggone” good law according to Perry. Now going to the vet won't be so “ruff!”

Dogs, cats and ferrets getting their rabies vaccine for the first time will still need to get a one-year shot. After that they're eligible for the three-year vaccination.