Blackout for Trayvon Martin

By: Lanetra Bennett
July 12, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - The Trayvon Martin case has garnered considerable attention on social media.

In the George Zimmerman trial's final hours, Trayvon Martin supporters have started a new movement on social media.

People are "blacking out" for Trayvon.

Tallahassee resident Caleb Ross went to a voting rights rally Friday at the Florida Capitol.

But, he's chosen a different way to rally for Trayvon Martin. He's changed his profile picture on the social website, Instagram, to all black.

Ross says, "I feel like it's a good cause. I feel like it's very innovative for youth to do that. I see a lot of my peers doing the same thing all around the nation."

Black squares are popping up all over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Trayvon supporters who are changing their profile pics to black are calling it a "black out."

"It's a good way to rally for Trayvon." Ross says.

Some online posts and comments argue that using social media in this case is pointless and the "black out" has no bearing on the trial.

Tallahassee resident Wendall McGahee is on the fence about whether to change his picture.

He says, "I don't think it makes a big difference. We've worn hoodies, we've walked around with Skittles wrappers and soda cans. But, you never know what impact it [the blackout] could possibly have. But, I think it is a positive thing. I just haven't decided whether I'll be active in that."

There's a Facebook post that says, "No, a black picture won't change the verdict, just as a pink ribbon won't cure cancer... it's called support."

Social media posts ask for the Black Out to continue until there's a verdict in George Zimmerman's trial.

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