Lake Park Is Growing

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Another construction project is underway in Lake Park, Georgia. People who live here say this type of construction is just a sign of things to come in the next few years.

David Durland, CEO of First State Bank, says, "We just think Lake Park will continue to prosper. It's strategically located on the Interstate (75), next to the Florida line. There's a lot of good things going on here, a lot of community being developed."

That's why Durland is overseeing the construction of a larger branch office of his First State Bank, but he's not the only one who's investing in Lake Park's growth.

For the first time in years, new residential communities are in the works.

Tony Shea says, "Lake Park is just a growing community. The retail stores are doing well now. The economic impact of all the people moving in here, it’s been great."

There is so much interest in new growth in Lake Park that Lowndes County commissioners are taking notice, realizing the area has a lot to offer, thanks to its location.

Robert Carter, Lowndes County Commissioner, says, "It’s a growth area. We've got so many things that people like down here. It’s a good place not only to live, but to do business. We're right off the interstate; it’s just a good community. We're proud of it, it’s growing real fast."

But with rapid growth often comes new problems that these residents are already studying and trying to address before they become too large.