Suspect on the Loose

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Jimmy Davis says, "That's a killer on the loose."

It's a concern that's on the mind of not only the sheriff, but the people as well.

Nathan Anderson says, "The person who did this should be brought to justice."

That's what Sheriff Reid wants, but he needs your help.

Hamilton County Sheriff Harrell Reid says, "We've gotten a lot of street talk, you know, this one saying it was this person, but really we don't have a solid lead at this point and time."

On January 1, Zed Washington called a friend to pick him up. When the two were leaving the trailer park, someone fired four or five shots at their car, one hitting Zed in the left temple.

As Washington lies in the hospital in critical condition, deputies search for the person who put him there.

Reid says, "People had said they heard the gunshots that were in close proximity and we just need those people to come forth if they have any information to give us at this time."

Sheriff Reid says there is a possibility that this shooting is drug related, but it's too early to tell. If you have any information on this shooting, call the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office.