Tallahassee's Parking Ticket Totals

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Parking tickets and parking meters earned the City of Tallahassee nearly $1 million last year.

Tallahassee police say there are more people complying with the rules, but there are still thousands of tickets being issued.

Melanie Alford with the Tallahassee Police/Parking Enforcement says, "I would say consistently I issue between 40 and 60 tickets a day."

And on the Florida State and Florida A&M campuses, even more vehicles cited.

Alford adds, "When the students are back, I would say they issue between 75 and 100 tickets."

It's a lot tickets for one single day, but Tallahassee police say the number of parking tickets issued has decreased in the last few years.

For the 2005 fiscal year more than 24,000 parking tickets were issued, bringing in $625,00, compared to 2004's 35,000 tickets and $654,000 in fines paid.

LT David Folsom with TPD says, “Since the fines increased we've had more compliance, but we expect when the condos fill up in the area, we'll face larger parking problems."

And because ticket prices went up, LT Folsom says that means more people are actually paying the meters to avoid a ticket, so the city is not losing money for its general revenue fund where your ticket fines and quarters end up.

A refresher for you on the most common parking offenses: An overdue meter ticket will cost you $10. Park in a loading zone, it's a $50 fine, and on a yellow or red curb, expect a $20 one.