Burglary Suspects Arrested

James Williams has been living in Greenville for more than 60 years. He says the rural community, which was once a safe haven, is now plagued with crime.

In November of last year, thieves broke into his neighbor's tool shed and took off with hundreds of dollars worth of equipment.

James says, "What happens around here when they found out she was gone, and they know it, and that's when they break in and load up and take people's property."

Madison County sheriff's deputies have arrested three people in connection with that crime...and a string of burglaries in the rural community.

Neighbors say both men arrested lived on the same street as the victim. Deputies are now searching for a fourth suspect, Fernando Hampton, who is still on the loose.

Sheriff Pete Bucher says, "I know the public may feel it's taking a long period of time, and some cases it does. We have to get the right information, but we're constantly working trying to bring cases to closure for these people.”

"I think that's good that they arrested them, but I still think we need more protection in the city.

With suspects in custody, deputies are hoping to make the city a safe community once again.

If you have any information on Fernando Hampton's whereabouts, please call the Madison County Sheriff's Office at 850-973-4001.