Survey: Drug Use Down Among Florida Teens

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In the past five years, a new survey by the office of drug control shows the state has been hitting a brick wall when it comes to reducing alcohol consumption among 6 –12th graders.

Jim McDonough, Florida Drug Policy Director, says, “Slightly less than half of the children do not see drinking as wrong, drinking a six-pack as wrong on a daily basis.”

The surprising thing about the alcohol numbers is that kids are getting the booze at home with or without their parents’ consent.

The use of hard drugs like coke, heroin and PCP are all down dramatically, but these kids say they don’t see much change in pot use.

Deserray Peters, a 9th grader, says, “There’s a lot of kids that’s doing smoking and drinking stuff."

The study also finds a disturbing trend. Young women are more likely to be using drugs, especially depressants or alcohol and cigarettes, than boys.

Katie Misenheimer, a 12th grader, says, “I think girls are doing it more now because the guys are doing it more now and they get their boyfriends, and the boyfriends are like bringing the girlfriends into doing it.”

While drug use is leveling off in middle and high school, the use of some drugs, particularly pain killers or speed, is increasing for adults.