Senator Bill Nelson Hosts Town Hall Meetings

Education, health care and county funding are all issues brought up in one meeting, and U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson was there to listen.

Three weeks ago more than a million unclaimed dollars were found in a semi truck at the agricultural station in Suwannee County. The sheriff says he expected his department to get a share of that money, but it didn't.

Tony Cameron, Suwannee County Sheriff, says, "I want to make sure that this does not occur again, that the people of Suwannee County do not receive their portion."

The sheriff asked U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson to help. Others also got the chance to voice concerns at Thursday's Town Hall meeting in Live Oak.

The issue of money for education came up.

Walter Boatright, Jr., Superintendent of Suwannee County Schools, says, "We're very concerned that the funding levels will continue to drop and decrease. We're so dependent on those sources of funding because so many of our personnel are tied to those different sources of funding."

Then there's the money issue with Medicare.

Jerry Buchert, a Suwannee County resident, says, "A national group called Family USA found that a senior with six prescriptions would pay about $2,500 more on this new Medicare drug program than they would if they were on the VA."

Sen. Bill Nelson, (D) Florida, says, "Our senior citizens simply need some more time in which to do this. We almost got the law amended a month ago. I'm going to keep trying until we get it done."

Sen. Nelson says he will take these issues back to Washington, DC to continue his fight for Florida citizens. Sen. Nelson also held a Town Hall meeting in Madison Thursday afternoon.