Paving the Way in Georgia

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Higher fuel prices could help pave the way for major road improvements in the Peach State. That's because last year's gas hike brought in an extra $60 million in gas tax.

There are hundreds of miles of dirt roads in Lowndes County and across south Georgia, but under a new proposal by Gov. Sonny Perdue, that could all change because the state wants to pave many of these roads.

Dirt roads wouldn't be the only ones improved under the $234 million plan. Other roads could get a much needed makeover.

Joe Pritchard, Lowndes County Manager, says, "With the growth rate that we have there are roads that are needing to be paved, and we have roads that have been paved and need to be resurfaced, so it’s an ongoing process for the county."

Local drivers who use dirt roads almost everyday, like James Flythe, like the idea of these roads getting paved.

James says, "I think it'd be a big help to all these people who live on dirt roads and help school busses, and a while lot of money could be saved in the upkeep of the dirt roads, it’s a tremendous expense."

While the proposal has gotten rave reviews locally, it must be approved by the General Assembly.

If it all goes according to plan, you'll see more of the dirt roads transformed into something that local drivers say will truly be a program to help pave the way for a brighter driving experience.

If approved, work on local roads could start next fall.