Violent Fliers Not a Threat

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The principal of Leon High School says two students found the fliers in a student parking lot which depicts three men shooting at a group of people. On the bottom it says: "be prepared."

School officials and law enforcement say an investigation found that it's not a serious threat. There are two assumptions: it could be a prank or it could be an advertisement for a gaming Web site.

Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell says, "We don't believe there's going to be a school shooting, that there's a truckload of gunmen out there."

Whatever the intentions of the fliers were, law enforcement and school officials are not taking this lightly. Investigators call it a criminal offense. That could've resulted in panic.

Sheriff Campbell adds, "The truth is, this is a picture for a game called zombie, s video game."

There is a Web site at the bottom of the flier for an out-of-country online gaming site of which you must be a member to log on. However, given the nature of the fliers, the school took an immediate plan of action.

Rocky Hanna, Leon High School Principal, says, "Anytime you have an incident like this involving weapons on school grounds, we take it extremely serious, and we do everything we can to investigate."

Hanna says the fliers caused no disruption at the school.

Superintendent Bill Montford says, "We're making absolutely sure we leave no stone unturned and we will take appropriate action once the person is identified that did it."

And once someone or even multiple suspects are identified, Sheriff Campbell says he assures they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The FBI and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement are also investigating.