Florida Catholics Express Disapproval of Thursday's Voucher Ruling

Seven hundred children who had been attending failing schools use the school vouchers to attend primarily religious schools, many catholic.

Sixteen thousand students with disabilities use the similar McKay Scholarship program. The Florida Catholic Conference says parents are worried their children could lose their scholarships too.

Mike McCarron with the FCC says, "It’s just simply too early for us to say to them, 'this is going to change' or 'it’s going to stop?' We’re hopeful that it won’t. We’re hopeful that if there’s any indication that it might come under challenge, that we can look for another possibility of ways to serve that particular, special population.”

The Florida Education Association is one of the groups that successfully sued over the opportunity scholarships. Their attorney says they're considering pursuing a lawsuit over McKay Scholarships and the state’s third voucher program, Corporate Tax Credit Scholarships.