Sellers Beware

The Leon County Sheriff's Office is warning those of you who sell via the Internet classifieds.

Detectives are investigating what they call an advanced fee scam.

There are several cases in Leon County where the seller is being scammed out of hundreds, even thousands of dollars after they are sent a check larger than the amount of the item.

A few days after they wire the difference to a "shipper" they find out the check is counterfeit and they lose out on the money.

SGT Steve Harrelson says, "Not only does the buyer have to beware of the seller, the seller has to be aware of who they are selling to because the seller is victimized by the buyer who is most definitely out of the state or out of the country."

SGT Harrelson says to prevent yourself from being a victim, only accept a check for the exact amount and make sure the check is good before sending the item.