FSU Professor Prepares to Cast His Vote for Oscar Winners

Academy Award Nominations were announced Monday morning. And Chicago has stolen the show, leading Oscar nominations with 13, including Best Picture. Now the big picks are made by members of the Academy. And two of them just happen to live here in Tallahassee.

I guess you could say it takes one to know one. FSU film professor Richard Portman was presented his Oscar in 1979.

Look closely and you'll see Superman and his leading lady were the presenters. For 38 years, the teacher of sound has voiced his opinion as a member of the academy, making nominations and ultimately helping decide who will walk away with the Oscar.

Now Portman says he already has his favorites, The Road to Perdition And, his not so favorites. Chicago.

The film professor says he takes his duty seriously, but doesn't think its necessarily reels in his students. Portman isn't the only film school faculty member with voting rights.

Dean Ray Fielding also casts his ballot each year.