Bush's Hurricane Preparedness Agenda

Gov. Jeb Bush and Lt. Gov. Toni Jennings speak out on hurricane preparedness, response and recovery, unveiling the "Culture of Preparedness Plan."

They suggest a $565 million budget of state and federal funding for emergency management.

The goal is to enhance Florida's ability to prepare for hurricanes, respond quickly in the aftermath, recover from the damage and impacts to the economy, and mitigate future threats.

The message is Act now, don't wait.

Chris Floyd with the Capital Area Red Cross says, "Whether it's plywood shelter, or if you work through a commercial vendor to have hurricane shutters placed on your home, now's the time that you need to be doing that. If you're looking to build your disaster supply kits, now's the time to buy some nonperishable foods."

Bush's plan includes money for a 2006 sales tax holiday on hurricane preparedness supplies, creating safe shelters and repairing homes.