FSU Film Headed to Hollywood

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Nicole Nishimoto is only 10 years old but already she's a star in a film headed to Hollywood.

"I was really excited. I started screaming and yelling and I told all my friends and they were like, ‘are you really going to LA?’"

Nicole plays the lead in Fields of Mudan, a story about a little girl who's forced into sex slavery.

Written and directed by an FSU film student, the movie is making a splash among industry experts like Daryl Hannah.

"She's been working to create awareness about this issue. She felt like the film does a marvelous job of succinctly telling this story, and she's gotten behind it," said Frank Patterson, who's the dean of the FSU film school.

Also behind it are law enforcement officers and human rights groups all coming together in LA to talk about this brutal crime.

"What we're doing with this screening and panel discussion is bringing the film to a new audience and bringing leaders who are in this field of human trafficking to the table for a discussion," said Patterson.

As if this isn't big enough for the little female actress, the film has qualified for an academy award.