Cairo Time Capsule

One hundred years old and still growing, Grady County, Georgia may have celebrated a century last August, but Saturday’s event will last a lifetime.

The candles are blown out, the cake is almost gone, it's a sure sign Grady County, Georgia celebrated its 100th birthday in a big way.

As a grand finale residents of Cairo came together to bury a time capsule in front of the Grady County Courthouse.

Yvonne Chiles, a capsule chairperson, says, "It's just something that in 50 years when they take it up, can you just imagine? The changes which will occur in this county and Cairo itself, that they will see the changes."

Members of the community left photographs behind. Johnny Mitchell contributed a book with some of his family's history, "My family will be a part of Cairo's history in the future in '56 when they open it again I hope they enjoy what they read."

Gwen Stanaland, a member of a founding family, says, "It made me remember how very important the history is and my grandchildren got involved and they were very excited about me working on history."

All the way from Pennsylvania, this time capsule is now a permanent part of Cairo.

Thomas Marack, president of Time Capsules Inc., says, "In a lot of cases it's unappreciated, but the real appreciation will come when they open that time capsule."

The capsule which is filled with maps, pictures, and found memories of Grady County will remain underground until 2056. To include over 100 years of memories, community members 85 and older were asked to record stories of their youth.