Girl Scout Cookie Munch Champ

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It was clear who the crowd favorite was as fans gathered for the big Cookie Munch-Off.

"It's a lot of fun. It's really funny to watch," Girl Scout Caitlin Burch says.

But the returning grand champ wasn't above tough talk when it came to cookie eating.

"Well, considering my competition each year, you know we get some tough ones, but then it's usually Sheriff Campbell, I got him okay," claims Rob Nucatola, WCTV meteorologist and Cookie Munch champ.

"I may have a bigger appetite; I don't have a bigger mouth. Rob's got the biggest mouth of anybody I know," responds Leon County Sheriff Larry Campbell.

And even though his wife Ann joined the competition this year, Rob didn't cut any slack and once again gobbled his way to victory, but he did reveal the secret to his success.

"The fact that I have a really, really big mouth and terrible table manners," explains Nucatola.

But Sheriff Campbell isn't giving up the dream.

"Possibly next year, a deputy may stop him on the way to the contest and delay him. That's probably the only way we can do it," states Campbell.

It looks like the cookie competition is already heating up for next year. This is the sixth consecutive year that Rob Nucatola has won the Girl Scout Cookie Munch-Off.