Local Couple Swimming With Questions Over Flooded Home

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By: Bailey Myers
July 24th, 2013

Tallahassee FL- A home floods with water because of the recent rain and leaves a Tallahassee family swimming with questions. The family says they've had to pack up and leave, and this isn't the first time this has happened.

Flooded home owner, Eileen Schomat said, "I just-- we just put the house back together. We just paid for the base boards yesterday! And everything is ruined again."

Ruined again because this is the second time towels and sand bags couldn't stop the water from entering Eileen and Daniel's home. Now, five years after the first flooding this same home is stained with a water line.

Schomat explained, "All of a sudden the ditches started to over flow and I got nervous so I went and got Dan and he raced to ACE Hardware and by the time he got back water was covering my feet in the house."

The water is expected to flow through the storm water ditch, and then it's supposed to go through the drain, but when it rains this hard this fast, the water ends up in their yard and then-- their home.

The last time this happened, the couple brought up their drainage issue to the Leon County Commission. They say nothing has changed since then. The couple says they just purchased the home officially less than a month ago and again they are haunted by a nightmare from five years ago.

Flooded home owner, Daniel Mayer, "But hopefully something will be done to make sure that this won't continuously happen every few years because it makes you feel like the property is going to be worthless."

Schomat later said "I'm nervous every time it rains."

Since the deed to the house has just passed hands, the family hopes the previous flood insurance policy which is supposed to be active through August will apply. They are currently waiting to hear back from the insurance company.

The County Commission was closed when the house was flooded making them unavailable to comment.

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