Coal Plant Plans in Motion

So close, yet still far away, the coal-fired power plant project is moving forward in Taylor County.

After a "yes" vote from Tallahasseeans, the City of Tallahassee is the fourth partner of the Energy Consortium which is building a coal-fired power plant in Taylor County.

Already plans are moving forward with a name change to the Taylor Energy Center.

Daryll Gunter, Taylor County Commission Chairman, says, "We are still learning more about our new neighbor. We are excited that they have now changed the name of the facility to reflect more of its local roots. We look forward to having them on board here pretty soon with us."

The 800 mega watt coal plant is proposed to be built on approximately 3,200 acres of land owned by Buckeye Paper Mill and Foley Timber and Land Company.

Buckeye has agreed to file paperwork to request a land use change from agricultural to industrial.

Michele Curtis, Buckeye spokesperson, says, "The paperwork is being reviewed by all of the parties involved just to ensure that the wording is correct. That's part of the routine process. There is no delay other than the routine view of the documents."

The zoning change and land sale are expected to be finalized by the end of the first quarter of 2006. The next phase is to begin the permit process and design work for the plant.

If the permits go through, construction will begin in 2008 with the plant online by 2012.