Police Investigate Cairo Murder

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Residents say the Pine Forest apartment complex is a safe and quiet place to live, but the murder of 64-year-old Pearl Johnson has left many in the community shocked.

Chris Lawson, the victim's neighbor and friend, says, "I'm very shocked because she was not able to defend herself. She was crippled."

Cairo police say they were called to the victim's apartment this past weekend after friends reported her missing.

INV Dewayne Pearson with the Cairo Police Department says, "Upon making entrance into Miss Johnson's apartment, officers found that Miss Johnson was dead."

Police say an autopsy performed at the GBI crime lab in Moultrie revealed that Johnson was stabbed three times, and friends, who describe Johnson as a kind person who would do anything for someone in need, say they just can't believe she's the victim of such a heinous crime.

Chris Lawson says, "She was our family. She was our family, and we didn't want anything like this to happen. No one deserves this."

Cairo Police Chief Keith Sandefur says now with the autopsy complete, his department's focus turns to the suspects as the search for who murdered Pearl Johnson is now underway.

Cairo police say there was no sign of forced entry into Pearl Johnson's home, and that there was also no evidence of robbery either.