Body Discovered in Lowndes County

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A dead body was discovered in a remote Lowndes County field Tuesday, and now investigators are looking for answers.

Sheriff Ashley Paulk says the body may have been there for more than a month before being discovered.

A group of hunters discovered a white pick-up truck, and when they looked closer they saw a decomposing body laying across the floor.

Deputies believe they know who the body was, but are not releasing the name.

Right now, the death is being treated as a crime.

Sheriff Ashley Paulk says, "Of course you treat it as a crime scene. Without a doubt, we'll take a look at every avenue. It could be foul play. We have reasons to believe it’s not because of other evidence we have."

Investigators say the death could be the result of an overdose, but an autopsy must be performed to determine the cause of death.