Thomasville and Cairo Welcome New Mayors

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Two cities, two new mayors, both officially starting their tenure Tuesday.

After serving six years as a city councilman, David Lewis is now Thomasville's mayor.

Mayor David Lewis says, "Thomasville is going to be well-served. My being mayor is just that. I'm mayor. I work at the pleasure of the other council members and this community, and we work well together and we will continue to work well together."

Lewis isn't the only new leader getting his feet wet this week. The city of Cairo also has a new mayor, Richard Vanlandingham.

Mayor Richard Vanlandingham says, "We want to continue to move forward at a more rapid rate. We want to grow this city. We want to improve the services. We want to reduce costs. We want to make the city of Cairo the best place to live."

Both mayors say they look forward to bringing new business and growth to their respective cities.

Mayor Lewis says, "We're constantly working for quality industry of business to come to our community, and we certainly will like to sell Thomasville as a place to retire."

Mayor Vanlandingham says, "We're gonna sit down with the City Council, all the department heads and key individuals in the city and talk about the immediate priorities and long-term priorities."

They’re two positive outlooks for two men who say they dedicated to their civic duties and committed to their communities.