$200,000 Seized in Lanier County

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It's being called the largest cash seizure in the history of the Alapaha judicial circuit in south Georgia: $200,000. It followed a joint investigation by the FBI, the GBI and other agencies.

Sheriff Nick Norton says, "Further searches have led to the seizure of over $200,000 cash, vehicles. I don't know about property yet; we're still looking into that and financial records."

Law enforcement officials searched five houses Tuesday morning in Lanier County. Sheriff Norton says he and his deputies have had their eyes on the houses and their occupants for a long time.

Norton says, "Four of the five houses belong to the same family name, and one belonged to a friend."

Deputies aren't giving many details about why so much cash was seized, but they say they did make three arrests and expect to make more as the investigation continues.

Norton says, "This is typical America anymore, I guess. This is drugs in your back yard, in your face, and they're forcing you to deal with it and live with it."

But live with it is not something officials in Lanier County plan to do. The sheriff will not release the names of those arrested until they have been formally charged.