Shots Fired in Tallahassee Apartment Complex

A Tallahassee college student returns to town to find a bullet hole through her living room wall. Now it turns out one of her neighbors is under arrest, accused of taking target practice in the middle of a popular apartment complex.

It happened at the Tuscany Village Apartments. Police say they first responded to shots fired here back on December 29. They found a bullet casing that night and six more when they returned after sun-up.

When two FSU students returned from holiday break this week, they reported a bullet hole in their living room wall. Police traced the angle of the shots fired and the casings to a third floor apartment in another building in the same complex.

There they arrested fellow college student, 22-year-old Michael Lee and confiscated his 9mm Glock pistol. You won't believe what he told police.

OFC John Newland, Tallahassee police spokesman, says, "He did admit firing the shots and he just said he wanted to see if his gun worked properly."

Not only that, but the police report indicates Mr. Lee took officers to his balcony and showed them the tree he was aiming for. He admitted to firing his Glock 9 pistol several times."

OFC John Newland adds, "Obviously, before you ever take a gun out you've got to make sure it's safe in the area. Obviously this guy didn't do that. This could have been worse, tragedy, if somebody would have been home in that apartment complex."

A spokesman with the Florida Department of Agriculture confirms Lee did have a valid concealed weapons permit. Typically, he says, those permits are suspended until any felony charges are resolved in court.