Cairo Police Investigating Check Cashing Caper

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Cairo police say the suspects in this case moved very fast. They say in just an 18 to 20-minute span, six suspects cashed 19 checks that totaled nearly $10,000, and now police say they need your help.

Cairo police say the suspects scouted their target carefully: the Ameris Bank in downtown Cairo. One after another, the six men, all of Latin-American descent, cashed counterfeit checks from Wight's Nursery Company in Grady County.

Authorities say they got away with more than $9,933.

Dr. Harry Bruno, a criminal justice professor at Thomas University, says, "Today, with the sophisticated machines that we have available to the public, you can put checks, if you have a copy of one, you can print it identical, and it's very easy for an individual who wants to do this."

Police say the suspects cashed their counterfeit checks in the bank, came out to the parking lot, changed clothes, got more checks and went back inside to a different teller's line.

INV Wandell Asbell with the Cairo Police Department says, "They did this right in the parking lot and we had a couple customers that also thought this was unusual and attempted to alert people in the bank."

With their heist foiled, police say the suspects fled the bank, and now investigators say between the surveillance video and an ID that was left behind, they hope someone will come forward with information on this heist and help them crack this case.

Dr. Harry Bruno says the suspects will probably lay low for awhile, but says it's only a matter of time before they strike again in another location.

If you have information that can help authorities with this case, contact the Cairo Police Department at 299-377-7381.