Murder Trial Enters Second Day

It's day two of a murder trial for Willie Cross Junior who was found dead in the trunk of his father's car.

Now, almost two years later, 26-year-old Clyde Miller is on trial for his alleged involvement.

Jurors listened for hours as Miller recalled the events that led to Cross's death. It’s another day of testimony and cross examination, as the state's attorney's office presents more evidence in the Willie Cross Junior murder case.

Police found the gun after Clyde Miller confessed he hid it in his mom's house. But five days later, Miller told police he lied, and the gun wasn't the murder weapon.

Miller gave three separate confessions to police one year after the murder.

On Tuesday, prosecutor Neill Wade submitted those tapes as evidence. Jurors listened to hours of miller confessing he and other people planned to rob and kill cross. Now the defense is arguing miller's previous confessions aren't consistent, and can't be weighed as hard evidence. Miller hasn't taken the stand, and no one will comment on other parties who Miller says was involved in cross's death. Both sides expect to wrap up closing arguments Thursday morning.