Boyd Surveys Hurricane Recovery Efforts

Dennis is the name, and recovering is the game.

U.S. Cong. Allen Boyd assesses recovery efforts in our area from Hurricane Dennis.

Joe Blanchard, Director of Wakulla County Emergency Management, says, "We had almost 45 homes that were totally destroyed by Hurricane Dennis. Numerous others are in various stages of reconstruction."

U.S. Cong. Allen Boyd visited storm damaged Wakulla County, surveying recovery efforts and getting an idea of what's working and what's not.

Joe says, "Mitigation has not worked well for us. Some of our mitigation monies that we've had from the past, because they weren't in approved projects, they go back after a year into the pot."

U.S. Rep. Allen Boyd, (D) 2nd district, Florida, says, "The cleanup is just about complete. Many of the homes are being rebuilt, rebuilt according to code, up on stilts. It looks a lot better today than it did back in August when we came after Dennis."

County officials also showed Cong. Boyd the damage from December's tornado that touched down in Crawfordville.

Boyd says he's working to get the county the assistance it needs.