Tallahassee Man Killed in Black Hawk Crash

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The man killed is 49-year-old Robert Timmann. He worked for the Florida attorney general's office before heading to Iraq.

Those who knew him describe a man with a huge heart who loved his family and clearly loved his country. His friends say his mission was to spread freedom.

Florida Attorney Gen. Charlie Crist says the news of Robert Timmann's death hit the office like a ton of bricks.

Charlie Crist says, "Everybody is greatly saddened by Bob's loss, the kind of dedication that he put into the attorney general's office and also the effort in Iraq is commendable and incredible."

Timmann's Black Hawk helicopter crashed near the Syrian border in Iraq on Saturday night, all 12 (eight military and four civilians) were killed.

Crist says Timmann had worked as a Medicaid fraud investigator, but Timmann's co-workers say he felt his patriotic duty calling. He went with the private security company Dyn Corp. to train Iraqi police officers.

Crist adds, "He put everything into all his efforts and everything he did and clearly very dedicated, an athlete, he had done very well in the competitions in the past and just a great American; it's just a tragic loss."

Timmann leaves behind his wife Carolyn, who also works with the attorney general's office, and two teenaged children. He’s a hero not just in the eyes of a family, but a community and a country.

The attorney general's office says they are doing all they can to support Timmann's family and encourage the community to do the same.

The Associated Press reports that the cause of the crash is unknown. The investigation continues.