Georgia's State of the State Address

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Gov. Sonny Perdue says after years of economic recovery the state of Georgia can now enjoy progress and new opportunity, and Perdue says this new Georgia and his top priority is education.

Gov. Sonny Perdue, (R) Georgia, says, "My education budget has a strong classroom focus because the classroom is where learning happens. It's common sense that we should spend our education dollars where they can do the most good and have the biggest direct impact on student achievement."

Local Georgia residents agree with a need for more attention and money in education.

Jennifer Harris, a Georgia resident, says, "I like how they're looking at the other end of the spectrum, and the people who will carry our state and our country some day and help by giving money to gifted education also, you know, I think that's our future."

Perdue says teachers will also reap the rewards promising a four percent pay raise, health insurance with no premium increase, and continuous improvements in all Georgia schools.

Gov. Sonny Perdue adds, "447 million dollars in bonds for classroom construction, new equipment, and for 1,000 new school buses."

As for the broader budget, Perdue says he wants more jobs, investments in nanotechnology and alternative fuels.

Perdue says Georgia will not be left behind. It will become a leader with better education and jobs for Georgia's children to enjoy.