Attempted Rape Suspect Caught

Tallahassee police nab an attempted rape suspect for an attack near the FSU campus and say that may only be the beginning.

The teenager was caught in his own neighborhood not far from the crime scene. The key to this case is evidence, first finding it then getting a DNA match from FDLE.

It all pointed to Montez Willis who police say has a lengthy rap sheet of sexual assault and felony charges.

Stephanie Regales says she'd noticed a lot of police around her Woodward Street apartment complex recently. Perhaps it was because they were looking for the man in a sketch. He turned out to be 17-year-old Montez Willis, who's just been arrested for attempted rape.

Stephanie Regales, a resident of The Chateau, says, "I feel really bad. I feel like it's not secure enough. Lots of girls live here and I hope nothing ever happens again. I'm glad nothing happened in the first place and I'm glad the person was caught."

Tallahassee police say earlier this month Willis broke into a woman's apartment at The Chateau and attacked her. Evidence found there led police just a few blocks away. They picked up Montez Willis Tuesday night near his home at 1109 Bennett Street.

LT Edward Smith with the Tallahassee Police Department says, "Not only did they extract DNA evidence, but they were also able to get a match in the criminal database that we have in the state of Florida. They gave us a name that we were looking for, and that's Montez Willis."

Police say Willis may also be responsible for the October attack on Campus Circle. There, an intruder was interrupted from trying to rape a woman in her apartment.

Rhonda Randolph works across the street from The Chateau and lives practically in the same neighborhood as Willis.

Rhonda says, "I have a six-foot fence and I can lock my gate at night, so I feel pretty safe."

LT Smith says there are about a dozen break-ins in this same area where women were assaulted that could be linked to Willis. However, at this time he is only charged with the Woodward Street attack.

Montez Willis is charged with attempted sexual battery, burglary of an occupied dwelling and false imprisonment.