Trouble in the Department of Agriculture


Gov. Jeb Bush is dismissing concerns that his proposed budget cuts will hurt the state's Aqua Culture Program. The governor's proposal eliminates the division of Aqua Culture within the State Department of Agriculture, cutting jobs.

But according to the governor many of the positions were vacant anyway. Bush says other agriculture groups may also be upset with some of his cuts, but he says they need to change with the times.

"The honey guys will be next and then the egg growers, egg people and this is just the way it is, and if you get comfortable with doing the same thing over and over again, and that's human nature, for people to make suggestions on how to change creates fear, trepidation, it's understandable, and we can work with each one of these I think to resolve their concerns,” says Gov. Jeb Bush.

Critics of the proposed cuts argue eliminating the Aqua Culture Program could hamper the state's ability to get its products to market.