Attacking Medical Liability

Doctor Kortje

Georgia lawmakers will consider a bill placing a cap on punitive damages in medical liability lawsuits. The measure has the full backing of both doctors and insurance companies.

If the bill is passed, victims of medical malpractice could only receive up to $250,000 in punitive awards lawyers say that not even enough to pay for future medical expenses.

The lawyers also say it would result to more cases going to trial, because there's no threat of a large verdict.

"There not going to be encouraged to settle cases when they rightfully should, when there has been wrong doing, there has been negligence. In fact, what it will do id make it a cost of doing business,” says medical malpractice lawyer Sam Dennis.

Lawyers say the current system forces doctors and hospitals to be accountable for their actions. Doctors say the large lawsuits are forcing them out of business.