Teachers Happy With Gov. Perdue's Education Proposals

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Gov. Sonny Perdue's plan is simple: education is top priority. In order to stay competitive, Perdue will offer certain incentives for teachers.

Veronica Glee, a special education teacher, says, "I believe that we do deserve a four percent raise. That will draw quality teachers to our region, and the 100 gift card is excellent because we as teachers, we spend so much out of pocket. That will be a great way to help us out."

Aside from helping teachers, Perdue allocated money for the classroom to help with student achievement.

Laura Parkerson, English chair at Thomas County Central, says, "I'm really excited about that, being able to come into the classroom and help out the kids and the teachers as well. It's really frustrating when you learn something new and you try to apply it and the money's just not there."

The governor also wants to bring completion counselors to every high school. Their goal is to help students stay in school and graduate.

Jamie Thompson, an English teacher, says, "Georgia has a pretty high dropout rate right now and I think the counseling and the funds going to that could help bring that up to a level current with the national standard."

Perdue says money will be available to recruit top principals to help in Georgia's neediest schools, all in an effort to mold Georgia's children into the tomorrow's leaders.

Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue has also allocated more than $400 million to build new classrooms and buy equipment.