Quincy City Manager Contract

Earl Banks is still on the job as city manager. Last year proved to be a difficult one for him with late audits, cash flow problems and employee gripes.

Now that his contract has been renewed, Banks is hoping to secure his job indefinitely by putting a plan in action to solve all of his woes.

Earl Banks says, "My work plan for this year is the concern of the commission. Whatever the concerns of the commission, that will be my number one priority."

Banks also has other priorities which include:

    * Making all the department heads accountable for their work and their actions

    * Imposing a spending freeze

    * Hiring a finance director, with municipality Experience

    * Improving customer service in all departments

    * Making sure the audit is one time

And it doesn't end there. City manager Earl Banks says he has a plan in place to get the city in tip-top shape financially.

Earl Banks adds, "We can generate more funds through our telecommunication. We'll able to generate more through annexation."

Banks says once his plan is implemented the American city will become a premiere place to live.

Quincy commissioners plan on giving Banks a review in three months to see if he's living up to his work plan and to make sure he's made the necessary decisions to avoid pitfalls.