Georgia Water Supply Study

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Protecting Georgia's water supply will be the goal of a new study beginning next week. Six different panels will try and find the best solutions to the state's future water needs.

For years waterways in Lowndes County and the rest of Georgia were all covered under the same protection plan.

Richard Lee, a Lowndes County commissioner, has been named to one of the six regional panels to help determine what solutions will work best to secure the water supply for this region.

Richard Lee says, "We're made up of 60 to 70 percent of water. I may not have the exact number, but water is pretty important to all of us. But on a more tangible basis, it's good for farmers, which is a tremendous part of our economy down here."

Local scientists say Georgia is way behind Florida when it comes to water planning, and if the Peach State is to catch up, it's going to take a team effort.

David Bechler, a VSU biology professor, says, "I think the important thing the committee is going to have to do is reach out to the community, reach out to the scientific community, reach out to the business community, reach out to cities and start talking about what their needs are."

Lee adds, "I just want to see these finite resources protected and taken care of."

If that happens, it will mean a safer water supply not only for Georgia, but downstream for Florida as well.

The local water district for south Georgia will finish their study in May of next year and then make recommendations.