New Firefighters at the Tallahassee Fire Department

There is some good news out of the Tallahassee Fire Department. More than 30 men and women are carrying a new title.

The Tallahassee Fire Department swore in 14 brand new firefighters and promoted 18 of its own.

The chief is a newbie herself. She was just sworn in about four months ago. She says the new hires and promotions are part of her plan to take the department in a new direction.

Cindy Dick, Tallahassee Fire Chief, says, "Whenever you have new people and new ideas and new leadership roles and freshness in an organization, the spontaneity of ideas keeping going, we are just moving as fast as we can."

Another big announcement is that the fire chief named Andrea Jones, a captain with the department since 1994, as the new training chief. She replaces Tim Shealey who retired.