Accused Pedophile Caught in Canada

An accused sex offender who fled to Canada to escape charges in Leon County has turned himself in.

Richard Rightmire surrendered in Ontario, Canada Wednesday night, six months gone and more than 1,000 miles from home.

Deputies call Richard Rightmire a textbook pedophile. They say for three years he lured a Tallahassee teenager into pornography, sex and bondage at his eastside home.

Larry Campbell, Leon County Sheriff, says, "He lived in the area, he was a nice old man, he was 63 years old and the little girl was 14. He cultivated her along and nobody had any suspicions."

Wednesday afternoon Rightmire turned himself in to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Kingston, Ontario after a media blitz there and pressure from U.S. marshals who were able to track his ATM withdrawals in that city and ultimately freeze his bank account.

Dennis Williamson, U.S. Marshal, says, "We located where he was doing his ATM, obtained photographs off the ATM which were published in the Canadian News Media, and from there it was just narrowing the focus."

Rightmire was out on bond and wearing a GPS monitor when Hurricane Dennis blew into town. The flooding and power outages that followed provided him more than a 24-hour head start before anyone he realized he was truly missing.

Now, six months later, the law has finally caught up with Richard Rightmire and is ready to take him to task for his liaisons with a teenage girl.

Investigators say FDLE found hundreds of pornographic pictures when they seized Rightmire's computer. Some are of the victim in this case, others are still unidentified.

Rightmire will eventually be brought back to Tallahassee to face charges.