Man Found Dead Was Murdered

A belly full of shrimp has helped Tallahassee police to solve a murder, and now a man is under arrest in Orlando accused of robbing and killing 38-year-old Jason Orcutt.

A passerby found Orcutt's body in the woods off North Monroe Street last week.

An autopsy was inconclusive, but after reaching family members police realized Orcutt had thousands of dollars on him.

They wound up tracing the undigested shrimp in Orcutt's stomach to nearby Barnacle Bill's restaurant where employees recognized Orcutt and put them on the trail of the man he was with that day.

CAPT Kelly Burke with TPD says, "We knew that he'd been with another individual in the restaurant. We also knew that they traveled together on the bus. We were able to follow these things, obtain a name, obtain a photograph. Witnesses remember that gentleman being with our victim."

Thirty-five-year-old Raul Perez is in jail in Orlando. After Tallahassee police questioned him there they charged with second degree murder for Orcutt's death.

Police believe Perez killed Orcutt just hours after the two arrived in Tallahassee.