Murder Trial Day Three


A Tallahassee man could face the death penalty now that a jury has found him guilty of first-degree murder.

It's been nearly two years since Willie Cross was found dead inside the trunk of a car.

Late Thursday afternoon, 26-year-old Clyde Miller was convicted of robbing and killing him. Lynsley smith was in court Thursday.

And I understand Mr. Miller was pretty angry when he left the courtroom. He certainly appeared to be. Jurors deliberated about five hours, and Clyde Miller obviously wasn't satisfied with their decision.

Guilty of first-degree murder and armed robbery, Clyde Miller wiped his tears as he heard the verdict. Soon after, tears turned to anger.

Miller will get either life in prison or the death penalty.

Twenty-two-year-old Willie Cross was found shot to death inside the trunk of his father's gold car. That was April of 2001. A year later, Clyde Miller and his brother, John C. or JC Miller, were arrested. Miller kept changing his story, admitting he planned the robbery, not the murder.

The defense argued Clyde Miller's statements weren't credible, and neither were other witnesses.

Friday’s sentencing begins at 9:30 a.m. Jurors could recommend the death penalty, but the judge.

So, Lynsley, what about miller's brother? Is he off the hook for good?

Apparently. The charges against him were dropped the state attorney's office won't say why. Miller contended his brother was the real killer. Obviously the jury didn't buy it.