Local Bakery Introduces New Product Line

Cutting down on your carbohydrate intake is a proven way to help cut the fat but, that often means cutting out the pastas and breads.

One area bakery is hoping to allow you to add the bread back into your diet without the excess carbs.

There's a new bread in town and it hopes to make your "daily bread" healthier.

"It's bringing people back to breads with certain nutritional requirements, that they have never been able to eat the bread before and now they can,” says Mickey Miller of Flowers Bakery.

Thomasville's Flowers Bakery has been producing the new low-carb bread for about three weeks. With fifty percent fewer grams of carbohydrates, dietitian Tiffany Barrett says it can be beneficial for those on strict nutritional diets, like diabetics.

But, is this new product the best thing since "sliced" bread??

Not a lot of carbs for a loaf of bread, but is it better than the average loaf? That is for you and your taste buds to decide. The low carb bread is only available in the Sunbelt states.

And, flowers bakery officials tell us the sales of the bread have skyrocketed in the three weeks it has been on store shelves.