Georgia School System Shuts Down Due to Absenteeism


The flu bug is biting students in the Peach State forcing educators to make some tough choices.

The situation is so bad in one South Georgia School District, administrators canceled class to give students time to get better.

Berrien County school leaders says they've never seen so many people miss class because of illness. So, they finally decided to cancel class for tomorrow, hoping a long weekend would give everyone a chance to get better.

The halls of Berrien County's four public schools are less crowded than normal, because a large percentage of students are just not well enough to come to class.

"We've had classes were there's 50% absenteeism and that's just too high to try and continue to have school until we get these kids healthy,” says Berrien County Superintendent Wendell Christian.

That's why all Berrien County schools will be closed on Friday, allowing students, and some teachers to get well at home.

"We're out Monday, it's a holiday, so it'll be four days to get everybody caught back up and hopefully on Tuesday with the kids, teachers, everybody come back strong, catch up and finish the school year strong,” says History teacher Jarrett Luke.

The students have been suffering from flu like symptoms, and school nurses have some advice on how to get better during the long weekend.

"Stay home, lots of fluids and rest and if you experience any of the symptoms we've talked about, just follow up with parents and a doctor,” says school nurse Dora Nash.

And while school's out, crews will be sweeping through to make sure germs aren't around when everyone comes back on Tuesday.

And school nurses say good hand washing is an easy ay to help prevent the flu-like germs from spreading or infecting you. School leaders say they've never seen it so bad, they're just hoping a long weekend will help everyone fully recover so they can get back to teaching and learning.