Bainbridge Man Holds Up Local Pharmacy

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Pharmacist Richard Smith says it started like every other day, but while Smith and two employees were working, William Robinson, a former customer, was walking into the pharmacy area with a knife.

Sissy French, a Pharmacy Tech at Lanes Pharmacy, says, "Put one hand on Richard's back and put the knife to the side/back area, and said I want all your Oxyconton and money."

French says Robinson warned them not to press any alarm buttons. She says at that point she tried to leave the pharmacy area to use a phone and call police.

Sissy French says, "He come after me and said, ‘you're not going anywhere.’ He grabbed my by the collar with the knife in my face and was pulling me off of my feet back in the pharmacy."

Fortunately French says another employee distracted Robinson and he ran after her. French and another employee ran next door and called police.

Richard Smith, a pharmacist at Lane's Pharmacy, says, "Probably 15 seconds. It was in and out, and you always wonder what you're going to do in a situation like that and sometimes you don't really have time to think. It just happened, and thank goodness no one was hurt."

Bainbridge investigators say Robinson was arrested across the street at the Budget Inn, but not without a fight. Investigators say they used a taser gun to restrain him, then put him in custody. It’s an end to what victims are calling a frightening experience.

Bainbridge investigators say William Robinson is charged with two counts of aggravated assault.