Cairo Murder Investigation Continues

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The investigation into the murder of a 64-year-old Cairo woman continues. Meanwhile, some residents in the slain woman’s community say they're refusing to live in fear.

Crime scene tape drapes across the door of apartment 61 where authorities say 64-year-old Pearl Johnson was murdered.

Patricia Palmer, a Pine Forest resident, says, "It was just unimaginable. She was a dear friend. It was just unimaginable. It was hard to believe that it happened so close to home."

Cairo police say the slain woman’s body was discovered in her Pine Forest apartment last weekend. They say autopsy results confirmed the victim was stabbed three times.

With few leads, authorities say they need anyone with information to come forward.

INV Dewayne Pearson with the Cairo Police Department says, "We know that many of the people that we've already talked to have been reluctant to talk to the police due to being afraid. At this time we're just asking for help."

And as the murder investigation continues, some Pine Forest residents say they're not afraid. They're starting a neighborhood crime watch and say they're goal is to assure others their community is safe.

Chris Lawson, also a resident, says, "I got scared at first, but then I decided no, no one is going to come in and take our homes from us and make us afraid."

Investigators say they want to speak with anyone who knew Pearl Johnson or may have heard something. They encourage anyone with information in this case to contact the Cairo Police Department at 229-378-3096.