Gadsden FCAT

More than 1,000 East Gadsden High School students packed the gymnasium getting a morale boost from entertainers like DJ Demp, and rap groups like Code Red and South Star as part of the kick-off rally for the FCAT.

School officials are hoping these kids will become drum majors for education, and so far the message is not falling on deaf ears.

Laporcha Gee, an East Gadsden High senior, says, "We need motivation; just the teachers and students are helping us. I think this will be a great possibility that most of our students who haven't passed will have a chance to pass the FCAT.

Jack Williams a sophomore at East Gadsden, adds, "You have famous people come here and motivate us to do the right thing and try to pass the test and do something with our life. It's productive."

Florida A&M alumni and Jacksonville Jaguar quarterback Quinn Gray came off the gridiron to encourage students to score a "touch down" on the test.

Quinn Gray says, "It's important that they pass these test and go on to college and move on and get degrees and become productive citizens in this society."

Organizers are hoping this pep rally will not be a song and dance routine for kids, but a good source of encouragement, knowing with a little help their hard work will finally pay off.

Several athletes and entertainers were at Havana Middle School Thursday to motivate those students.