Moving Day for Local High School JROTC

Local high school cadets are moving into a new place with their own space. Functioning for years out of the old cafeteria and portables, Junior ROTC cadets at Rickards High School salute the completion of a new building.

SGM Patrick A. Brown, Rickards Army Instructor, says, "I had two doors and everybody had to come in and out of mine, all cadets did. I was ready to get one."

Joined by the school principal, superintendent and district staff, SGM Brown welcomed the new campus addition with a ribbon cutting Friday.

MAJ Kristina Randolph says, "The new building has a very big meaning to us because now that we have it we can start on new projects in ROTC."

The Rickards High School Junior ROTC Program began in 1993. Now with a brand new building standing tall in 2006, cadets, directors and school officials say it's past due.

CSM Aaron Judson says, "It's been a long time coming for us to get a new building. We're so happy that we finally got it."

Dr. Pink Hightower, Rickards High School principal, says, "We're so proud now to have a separate building so they can do the kind of things most JROTC programs do successfully.”

The spacious brick and mortar classroom building is paid for by the half-cent sales tax approved by Leon County voters in 2002. The U.S. Army has honored the Rickards High School Junior ROTC program as being among the top five percent of schools in the nation.