Seven-Year-Old Learns to Walk

The week before Christmas we introduced you to seven-year-old Devin Richards who was discovered in the Caribbean nation of St. Vincent and brought to Tallahassee for some life changing surgery.

Devin was born with deformed legs and has walked all of his life on his knees, but not anymore. Thanks to many people in Tallahassee, when he goes home later this month he will go home walking on his own two feet.

When we stopped by the week before Christmas, Devin Richards had just received his first pair of prosthetic legs. Fast forward three weeks and Devin is now outside everyday, two hours a day, practicing putting one foot in front of the other, sometimes with his walker and sometimes with just the hand and encouragement of his mother.

Rudy Simmons, Devin's mother, says, "Sometimes I don't think about it. I just love to see him walk."

Ty Pursell, part of the host family, says, "Each achievement and each goal that he has for himself to be able to get there and just to things, it's been amazing for him and for our family to watch."

Devin and his mother have been staying with the Pursell family for the past three months while he's undergone surgery and rehab.

Geoff Hemmen with Hanger Prosthetics says, "Children pick up things so quickly that the learning curve is much shorter in children than it is in adults.”

Geoff Hemmen at Hanger Prosthetics has helped to design Devin's artificial legs and teach him to walk on them.

Geoff adds, "It's incredible. This is a delight. This is worth it more than anything else, just to see him be able to walk and see him happy."

A lot of people have made this dream possible for Devin, and they have all done it for free. Devin and his mother will be headed home to St. Vincent at the end of the month.