$200,000 Grow House Bust In Madison County [GALLERY]

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By Julie Montanaro
August 20, 2013

Madison County, FL - A domestic dispute leads deputies to one of the biggest marijuana grow houses they've ever seen.

The culprits are still on the run ... but WCTV was there when Madison County deputies loaded up nearly a quarter million dollars worth of pot.

Some of these marijuana plants are more than six feet tall, and there are 76 plants in all--worth more than 200,000 dollars on the street.

Deputies in Madison cut them down early Tuesday morning in what the Sheriff calls one of the most sophisticated grow houses he's ever seen in their rural community.

Ben Stewart, Madison County Sheriff: "The electrical equipment, the air conditioner units-- very sophisticated in how they break into the electrical lines above the meter. The folks that set it up knew what they were doing."

Deputies discovered the marijuana when they responded to a domestic disturbance at this home off Cattail Road. The smell of pot - they say - was overwhelming.

They ultimately got a search warrant and found the marijuana in a building behind the house. You can barely see it from the road, but you can clearly see the blue barrels in which they were growing. Deputies say the marijuana was just about ready to harvest.

William Sircy, Madison County Sheriff's Office: "Buds like this-- the quality of the bud-- there are crystals in it, there is a lot of residue in it, you're looking at a thousand dollars per bud."

Now deputies are searching for the men and women who set it all up and took off when deputies smelled more than trouble at their home.

There were animals abandoned at the home including a horse in the pasture when WCTV stopped by. Deputies say Animal Control is working to find homes for them.

Press Release: Madison County Sheriff's Office

Madison County Sheriff Ben Stewart reports that on Monday the 19th day of August 2013 at approximately 5:30 PM a domestic disturbance between two individuals was reported to the Sheriff’s Office.

As a result of this incident being reported, a warrant to search the premises and the curtilage thereof located at 781 NE Cattail Road Madison Florida was obtained.

The search discovered the occupants were illegally stealing electricity to power an out building that contained 28 high quality mature marijuana plants and an additional 48 smaller marijuana plants.

The out building was sophisticatedly designed to grow the marijuana in its most pure state with an estimated value of $200,000.00. The investigation is pending multiple arrests for the cultivation of marijuana and grand theft.

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