Prisoner Apologizes to Church He Burglarized

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It was a day for repentance and forgiveness at Bear Creek Bethel Church in Quincy, particularly for Gadsden County inmates.

This newly formed gospel choir is entirely made up of prisoners of the Gadsden County Jail, but on this Sunday they're allowed to leave the jail house and share their talent and testimonials in God's house.

"The community has really supported the inmates singing and expressing their newfound salvation through singing," says Gadsden County Jail Chaplain Jimmy Salter.

All of the inmates must spend time in religious counseling with the jail chaplain before joining and performing with the choir.

"I came expecting a blessing and I met some peace," exclaimed Rev. Ernest Miller of the Bear Creek Bethel M.B. Church.

Pastor Miller says he chose his sermon before he allowed the prisoners here, but he said the message may be particularly important to them.

"Lift your heads up. Change your mind. That's what repentance is, change your mind. Can't nothing change about you until you change your mind," Miller stated in his sermon.

One inmate did change his mind. Lindale Dewayne Lee publicly apologized to the congregation for burglarizing that very church a few months ago.

It was an apology this congregation quickly accepted and a crime these victims have forgiven.

The Gadsden County Sheriff's Office says the inmates' choir has performed and shared testimonials with other churches in Gadsden County as well as with incarcerated juvenile groups.