"Psychedelic Shack" Filming in Tallahassee Area

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The movie is titled "Psychedelic Shack" and it's about a pet funeral director who is stuck in the 70's.

His cool world is disrupted when a monkey he's preparing for burial goes missing.

Many of the film's staff are current or former Tallahassee college students.

"I'm really trying to utilize the skills of FAMU and FSU students and a lot of other professionals, film professionals locally to make an independent film. We're still raising money on it. We feel it's a good family film, a feature film," says film maker Kenneth Jones.

"I'm playing Sheila who is the Cosmo wife of the decade. The woman that's on the go kind of where we are in today's society where in 2006 women are on the go," says lead actress for the film Carla Fisher.

Jones says he plans to have special showings of his film in Tallahassee. He also expects the film to be released in major theaters.