MLK Parade in Monticello

The annual Martin Luther King, Jr. parade in Monticello took place with police leading the way through the streets of downtown.

The event brought out the old and the young to honor the slain civil right leader. For some, this was the ideal setting to remember King's legacy.

Josalind Worthey said, "He helped out a lot of black people. He represented us in a way that other people were scared to."

And so far, this community is coming together as all races joined together to keep Dr. King's dream alive that one day little white boys and girls will join black boys and girls and walk together.

Demetris Rhodes added, "He fought for what he thought was right and he helped us live in a better society.”

It’s a society that is now marching together to remember King's fight for racial equality and freedom.

Kandice Crumitie said, "I have my freedom. Martin Luther King helped everything change."

These days, the parade to honor Dr. King is one filled with diversity and culture as residents come together to pay homage to a man with a simple dream.

The 26th annual parade culminated with several different activities being held at a local park.